We are on your side.

Our goal, as an external company, is to help our clients recruit the ideal candidate, but also to offer our candidates the professional challenge they seek. Our procedure consists (usually) of:

  • psychometric tests in relation to the position for which you have applied,
  • a personality questionnaire
  • and an interview in which we will assess your motivation and skills, and help you express yourself in a clear and precise manner in your future interviews, in the company you want to integrate.

With this methodology, that is both simple and effective, you get all the information necessary to be confident and efficient with the employer. For a job interview is a complex exercise in terms of communication and influence, which can not be improvised. One of the main goals of the interview is to allow the interviewer to judge your skills, and make an objective assessment of the likelihood that you will excel in the job for which you have applied

Not easy! We perform thousands of interviews each year, a common feature of all these is subjectivity. That is why we always try to identify concrete examples for each skill required to make our judgement as objective as possible.

Here is an example:
« The function requires excellent communication skills and persuasiveness towards customers. Tell me about your experience in communication. »

To answer this question, do not just express your knowledge and experience, but rather prove it!

Start with the context: « When I was a Sales Executive, I met with clients and prospects. I had a portfolio of 250 companies and I had to make at least 15 visits per week. »

Then give a concrete example: « The Company ABC had a contract with our main competitor and my goal was to persuade them to work with us.

At first, I listened to ABC talk about their needs and concerns, then I sought to understand their challenges and finally I tried to understand how their current provider was able to satisfy them (or not).

I then used concrete examples of achievements for other clients to prove our skills, gain his confidence and allow him to choose our services. In my opinion, communication and persuasion involve, first of all, listening, then understanding, and finally the presentation of solutions that solve the customer’s problems.”

Always end with the results of your actions:
« With the confidence gained through my communication skills, I have developed the sales volume of my portfolio by 20%. »

To train yourself, here are some questions that our consultants may want to ask you:

  1. Describe a situation / moment where you were not totally satisfied with your performance. How did you react?
  2. Which kind of superior / supervisor you prefer to work with? Why?
  3. How do you determine priorities when you need to manage your time? Give examples.
  4. Give one example of a situation in which you had to work with a person whom you didn’t get along. Why was it difficult? How did you handle that person?

Be brief but specific in your answers. This way, our consultants will be able to introduce you better, more objectively, to our customers. We hope these tips have been helpful and that you are now ready for your interview.s