The ability to find good candidates
determines the success of our service.

For more than 7 years we have measured the source of every candidate.
Since last year, we use SEO – Search Engine optimization – within all our adverts.
Staying top of list = improving reply rate. This not only allows us to optimise your media spend but to
ensure that every advert placed by Profile Group is optimized. The result is a real expertise in sourcing
and a guarantee for our clients that we maximize the chances of reaching the right candidates.

To find these good candidates,
we are (pro)active

  • We optimize the jobs
    of our clients into ads
  • We publish ads
    on main jobboards
    80% of candidates
  • We source candidates
    in the databases
    of the main jobboards
    20% of candidates

Candidates are managed by our consultants
(screening, interviews, tests, ...) and only
the best are presented in shortlist.

The Right Profile is the assessment and testing service of Profile Group which, through a completely objective method, accurately measures the skills
of a person. Skills to be tested are determined with a consultant that helps you analyze the function and its setting within your company and
identifies precisely what essential skills a candidate must possess to be successful in this role.

Conventional selection procedures can not predict the success of a candidate in a position by 100%,
The Right Profile allows to minimize the risk of failure. Not only for the company but also for the candidate.

Why call on The Right Profile?

Each person has the skills, knowledge and abilities of their own.
We divide them into four categories:


General knowledge,
techniques, training, …
What the candidate knows.
Measurable via interview
and testing.


motivation, ambition,
expectations, goals, ...
What the candidate wants.
Measurable via interview.


personality, style, value,
attitude, …
Who is the candidate.
Measurable through
assessment / testing.


experience, expertise,
ability, skill, ...
What the candidate can do.
Measurable through
assessment / testing.

visible skills
easily observable and measurable

Less visible skills
less likely observable and measurable

When to call on The Right Profile?

  • As part of a recruitment:
    To anticipate job performance of an employee for a given position.
    To test some technical knowledge of a candidate with the right tools.
  • In the context of a change of position:
    To identify the development potential of a candidate under this change.
  • As part of a skills assessment:To identify a candidate's skills, and to detect those that need strengthening.

The added values of The Right Profile


  • Professional Image
  • Positive Experience
  • Awareness
  • Feeling of security
  • Test Results


  • Professional Image
  • Strengthening ties with employees
  • Increased knowledge of the candidate
  • Transparent Communication
  • Improved motivation

On top of these values you must also add respect, interaction, logic program,
cross tests, transparency (tests, feedback, price), speed and minimum two assessors having
the same mother tongue as the candidate for the simulation exercises.

Talentfinder is the perfect solution if you prefer to recruit yourself. It allows you to post your jobs
on the major job sites, to manage applications easily and recruit the right person.

Send us your job offer, we will optimize
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We strengthen your brand by offering you a mini-site to your image,
through which candidates will apply
or we can incorporate this tool in your own

You can manage the applications through Talentfinder,
an intuitive and accessible online tool. Emails and actions are predefined:
you can focus on the selection itself.

Take no chances and compare candidates
through à Thalento®, a fully integrated e-assessment solution
in Talentfinder.

Hire the right person.